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2021 Hatteras Classic Club Rendezvous

2021 Hatteras Classic Club Rendezvous
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Spring 2021   January through April - To Be Determined

              Gary and Marianne Kunnas, Fleet Captains, will not be committing to specific arrangements.
              However, they will organize potential dates, locations, and venues in southeast/central Florida 
so they will be prepared to proceed when COVID allows group activities to commence. 
Realistically, a spring 2021 rendezvous is doubtful.

Fall 2021 Wednesday, September 8 to Sunday, September 12 

              Standard dates for the 21st Annual Hatteras Classic Club Rendezvous and Annual Business Meeting
              Bernadette "Bernie" Ervin, Fleet Captain,  New Bern, NC, Hatteras Plant Tour
             Wednesday, September 8 to Sunday, September 12  
              Bernie will continue to organize  our rendezvous in NEW BERN, NC, featuring the Hatteras Plant Tour.
              However, this venue is CONTINGENT on the Hatteras Classic Club PARTICIPATING in a tour of the  HATTERAS PLANT.
              Hatteras management has declined a tour at this time.  Hatteras management has welcomed HCC  to re-contact them in the spring of 2021.

              Should the Hatteras Plant Tour in New Bern, NC not materialize, a new fleet captain and location is necessary.
              Once again, contingent on COVID.
              The dates will remain the same: Wednesday, September 8 to Sunday, September12
              Washington, DC and Philadelphia were suggested during the rendezvous in St.Petersburg in February 2019.