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Hatteras Classic Club - 2019 Winter Rendezvous - St. Petersburg, FL

               The Hatteras Classic Club - 2019 Winter Rendezvous
            February 7 - 10, 2019
           The Historic Vinoy Hotel and Golf Club
St. Petersburg Florida Harbor Front

The St. Petersburg Harbor front is truly a hidden gem! Within walking distance, there are dozens of restaurants and pubs, 10 museums, including the Dali, Chihuly, Holocaust and the Museum of history. All set among seven interconnected parks overlooking beautiful Tampa Bay.

The weekend kicks off Thursday, February 7, about 5:00 pm,  with a cocktail party onboard a beautiful, 78 foot luxary yacht at the Vinoy Marina.  The agenda for the rendezvous will be a "MYSTERY"!  You will discover the fun activities that you will enjoy at the welcome cocktail party. 

The registration fee for this event is $205  per person for Hatteras Classic Club members and $235 per person for non-members.  Members, please send your registration fee to fleet captain, Jeanne Dixon, by December 20, 2018.   Non-members who wish to join the club and attend the St. Petersburg rendezvous should email Ed Miles, Membership Chairperson,  at EdMiles1510@gmail.com. The membership fee is $125 annually. 

The Hatteras Classic Club, a non profit corporation, extends this invitation to Hatteras Classic Club Facebook Friends who are not club members and encourage you to join the CLUB.  We welcome Hatteras yacht owners, boat owners of any brand,  boating enthusiasts, or just enjoy the lifestyle.  

 Action is required to reserve your standard room, at a rate of $269, at the Vinoy Resort, a Marriott hotel,  if you would like to attend. Don’t be disappointed. Thisis high season. After December 31, 2018, our block of rooms will be released to the general public and you can expect our special rate to increase by $100.

Call Marriott Reservations 1-888-789-3090 Now and mention the Hatteras Classic Club Group!


Hatteras Classic Club Annual Rendezvous

September 4-8, 2019 

Harbor East, Baltimore, MD

Details to Be Determined

Hatteras Classic Club Winter Rendezvous

February 1-7, 2020

Celebrity Equinox Cruise - Eastern Caribbean

Did You Miss the November 30, 2018 Deadline?

Although the Celebrity sale offer and Hatteras Classic Club incentive is no longer available, you can still book your cabin at anytime prior to the sailing date of February 1, 2020 at 3:30 p.m.   

Members:  Contact Stu Esack at StuartEsack@gmail.com or Brad Price at GoInPrice@gmail.com  for the Hatteras Classic Club travel agent contact information. Do not call Celebrity Cruise Line at any time.  

Non-Members:  To be included and receive the benefits of the  private Hatteras Classic Club cocktail parties and activities aboard the Equinox or on shore, you must become a member.  Contact Ed Miles, membership chairperson, at Ed Miles1510@gmail.com. Once your annual membership dues of $125 are received, you will receive a welcome letter to include the details of the cruise and other pertinent information.

                            Should you decide not to join the Hatteras Classic Club, you may certainly go on the Celebrity Equinox cruise.  Contact Celebrity personally to reserve your cabin.  You will not be included in any activities hosted by the Hatteras Classic Club.  These special amenities are reserved for Hatteras Classic Club Members only.  However, we look forward to the opportunity of meeting you at venues provided by Celebrity.

Membership in the Celebrity Captain's Club is not related the Hatteras Classic Club group cruise.

                                                         Hatteras Classic Club Annual Rendezvous

20th Anniversary Celebration

September 9-13, 2020 (tentative)

New Bern, North Carolina